Welcome ghouls and goblins. Review the ghastly contestants below (click on a picture to see a larger, full color version) and make your pick by clicking the radio button above their name. Check back on Monday, November 3rd to see who survives and who is sent to be among the undead.
Deadline to vote is Sunday, November 2nd. Voters must be living or undead to participate.

Bryan Hovey
Jeff "The Dude" Lebowski

Casey Flores
Film Manufacturing Plant Worker

Chris Bunn
Monty Python "The Black Knight"

Dawn Campbell

Ellen Rogers
Ghost Writer

Holly Biller
Angel of Death

Janeen Mulligan
Willie Robertson

Jenna Reed

Kelcy Summers
Mommy and Baby Skeleton Duo

Nick St. Denis
Neighbor Wilson

Saundra Hutchinson

Tara Taffera
Cereal Killer