Why glass is not “just glass.”

By Deb Levy

Most people think all glass is the same. But it’s not. There are literally hundreds of thousands of types of glass, all with unique qualities and performance characteristics.

Glass is not just glass. Add a silver backing to it and you have created mirror. Heat and then cool is very quickly in a special oven and you have made tempered glass. If you seal two pieces of glass with an space between them (filled with air or inert gases), you have created insulating glass. In fact, your windshield is really a “glass sandwich” called laminated glass, made of two pieces of float glass with a plastic interlayer in between them.

Decorative, dichromic, high-performance, insulating, mirror, reflective, low-emissivity...there is no limit to the types of glass from which to choose. So how do you know the right type of glass to use?

The next time you think it’s “just glass”, remember it isn’t.