Join our group of quality shops to reach thousands of consumers across the country at the exact moment they need auto glass replacement services. And build your brand at the glass industry’s home address.

Generate Leads

You focus on glass. We’ll send you high quality leads who want and need your products and services.

Target by ZIP Code

Choose which ZIP codes to target and change those ZIP codes as often as you want. You can expand or contract your service areas as often as you wish.

List Multiple Service Areas

More than one service area? Include them all and target different ZIP codes for each one.

Choose Mobile-Only ZIP Codes

You can choose which services to offer (in-shop, mobile or both) for each service area you list on

Customize Your Pricing provides price estimates to site visitors based on the pricing information you provide. You can price your services as a percentage of NAGS price, or you can provide your own pricing lists.

Localize Your Pricing

You can change and update your pricing for each service area individually or company-wide. And you can change your pricing as often as you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I own multiple companies? Do I need more than one account?

You can list and promote multiple company names—and multiple locations for each company—under one account as long as they are all part of the same FEIN number. We’ll give you the chance to upload logos for each company and manage lead generation for all your locations from one easy dashboard.

What are engagements?

Engagement is tracked through 3 types of clicks: clicks on your phone number, clicks to your own website, and clicks on Google Maps for directions. They are all accessed through your own company's profile page.

What are the eligibility requirements for affiliates? affiliates must be corporations, LLCs or partnerships that have been in business for at least one year providing professional services in the product areas (auto glass, mirrors, etc.) for which they have signed up. They must agree to follow all Federal, state and local laws as well as follow the Standards in the areas in which they provide service. (for example. auto glass affiliates must follow the ANSI/AGSC/AGRSS Standard 003-2015). They must agree to provide additional information as we request it and to honor the pricing they have provided on the site.

Once I apply how will I know if our company is accepted?

You will receive a preliminary acceptance at the time of application. During the next seven days, we will review the information you have provided and may request more. reserves the right to not accept any Affiliate applicant for any reason. Companies that have not been accepted will be notified within seven days and will receive a full refund of any funds paid. If you have not heard from within seven days of signing up, you may assume you have been accepted.

Why choose a premium listing?

It’s one more way to stand out on AGSC members are always considered premium listings.

Can you create a custom pricing package for me?

Of course! If the pricing packages above don’t meet your needs, we’re happy to work with you to create a custom package for your business. Just email:

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We’d love to help.

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