What is the fee for Glass.com?

You are billed monthly for two items. The first is for direct leads—where we send you the name and other vital information from a consumer who needs their glass replaced ASAP. Depending on your program, the cost of these leads ranges from $12.50 to $14.50 per lead. You are also billed for indirect leads, also called engagements. These are leads where the customer has clicked directly from us to your website, your Google Maps information or clicked your phone number to call. The cost for these indirect leads ranges from $1.25 to $1.75.

How many other shops get the same leads as mine?

None. That’s the beauty of Glass.com. Your leads are yours alone, unless you don’t contact them within four business hours.

How can I get the lower prices?

 Glass.com has special discount programs in place for Registered Members of the Auto Glass Safety Council (AGSC) and customers of Pilkington Glass. You can register as either and we will verify the information directly with AGSC and/or Pilkington.

Can you create a custom pricing package for me?

Of course! If the set pricing packages don’t meet your needs, we’re happy to work with you to create a custom package for your business. Just email: hello@glass.com

What are engagements?

Engagements are leads in which we don’t capture the customer’s info. Engagements are also known as indirect leads and are tracked through 3 types of clicks: clicks on your phone number, clicks to your own website, and clicks on Google Maps for directions. They are all accessed through your own company's profile page.

How many zip codes can I target?

As many as your company wishes to service. We can help! If you would like to target a radius around a certain ZIP code just let us know and we can help provide you a list.

You just sent me a lead in an area I don’t service. Now what do I do?

Adjust and update the list of ZIP codes to delete that ZIP code and let us know. We will forward the lead to a different company.

Why choose a premium listing?

It’s one more way to stand out on Glass.com. AGSC members are always considered premium listings.

What is your billing cycle?

We bill your credit card on the first of each month for all direct and indirect leads that you received the previous month.

What if I own multiple companies? Do I need more than one account?

You can list and promote multiple company names—and multiple locations for each company—under one account as long as they are all part of the same FEIN number. We’ll give you the chance to upload logos for each company and manage lead generation for all your locations from one easy dashboard.

What are the eligibility requirements for Glass.com affiliates?

Glass.com affiliates must be corporations, LLCs or partnerships that have been in business for at least one year providing professional services in the product areas (auto glass, mirrors, etc.) for which they have signed up. They must agree to follow all Federal, state and local laws as well as follow the Standards in the areas in which they provide service. (For example, auto glass affiliates must follow the ANSI/AGSC/AGRSS Standard 003-2015). They must agree to provide additional information as we request it and to honor the pricing they have provided on the site.

Once I apply, how will I know if our company is accepted?

You will receive a preliminary acceptance at the time of application. During the next seven days, we will review the information you have provided and may request more. Glass.com reserves the right to not accept any Affiliate applicant for any reason. Companies that have not been accepted will be notified within seven days and will receive a full refund of any funds paid. If you have not heard from Glass.com within seven days of signing up, you may assume you have been accepted.

What exactly is a lead?

A lead consists of information from a consumer who has told us they need glass services now. You’ll receive the consumer’s name, contact information and location where they want the job done (if not in-shop). You’ll also receive the make, model, and year for auto jobs, the type of glass that needs installed or replaced, the price quoted, and when the consumer wants the job done. If the consumer has given us their VIN, we will provide that, too.

How will I be able to check leads?

All Leads remain live on your dashboard, and you can find the information there anytime.

How do I pick up a lead?

Login at Glass.com, go to your dashboard, choose jobs, pull up the new lead and hit confirm.

Do you charge me if I don’t confirm a lead?


Do I have to do the work for the price quoted by Glass.com?

We gave the consumer a quote based on the custom pricing information you provided, including the price you gave us for the lowest part of the same type. We’ve also notified the consumer that there may be additional costs for special options, such as rain sensors, embedded antennas, etc. The consumer knows the price may increase if other options are added.

What price do you quote if there is more than one part (more than one NAGS part number) for the same vehicle?

As you know, vehicles can have up to a dozen different NAGS part numbers for the same opening. If there’s more than one, we choose the part with the lowest price (the base part) to show the consumer. We let the consumer know that options may increase this cost.

What about insurance work?

If the consumer told us they’re going through insurance, we’ll let you know when we send the lead. If we have the insurance company’s name, we’ll share that, too.

How often can I change my pricing?

 You can change pricing as often as you want, even multiple times per day.

How often can I change my zip code service areas?

You can change your targeted ZIP codes as often as you want, even multiple times per day.

What if I receive a lead for a zip code I don't have listed on Glass.com?

For your convenience, Glass.com will automatically add any locations not already listed within your profile but in which you provide service so that the leads can be managed directly through your account.

What pricing options are available?

You can provide your own pricing and update it as often as you would like. You may do so by making your prices a percentage (plus or minus) of NAGS List Price plus either a flat labor rate OR an hourly labor rate. If you choose the flat labor rate, that flat fee will be added to your NAGS List Price. If you choose the hourly labor rate, then your labor rate will be multiplied by the NAGS Labor Time for that part and then added to your NAGS List Price.

Have some parts that don’t follow NAGS at all? That’s fine. You can upload up to 500 part numbers in the exception list in your company settings. These also can be changed. If you have more than 500 parts that don’t follow NAGS pricing, or if you don’t use NAGS at all in your pricing, then you can download the easy-to-use Glass.com template and provide all your part numbers and pricing there. In these cases, the price shown to the consumer will be exactly the price you provide on the list.

Who has access to my pricing information?

No one but you or anyone you have given your password to has access to your pricing. Glass.com strives to securely store your information privately, and treats it as highly confidential. Pricing information provided by you is yours alone. Glass.com and its employees will never view or share data that you upload to our website.

Have other questions? We’d love to help.

Email hello@glass.com